Light the Candles.

Ask    Ciao! I'm Edi, 20, Nigerian, Poet. I love music, art, and photography. I love God, Coldplay, and Chemistry. This is something like my open diary. Appreciate life, the blessings and the misfortunes.

Let’s start a journey together, and leave the caucus of our past behind. Live. Breathe. Love. No regrets. No fear. With no weight on our shoulders. With no gravity. Let us collide together, and become one.

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"Things didn’t just happen randomly, but we’re the extraordinary effects of a force of destiny, or desire, so profound that it could animate a lifeless universe."
Book of Shadows (via triplegoddesss)
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Fear is limiting your potential! Our potential. What we could be is so much stronger…much much more FIERCE than fear. Once you drive fear out…you’re unstoppable. Your heart’s desires become reality.

-a message to someone I deeply care about.

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Feeling comfortable in uncomfortable situations is grace.


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"If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry."
Edgar Allan Poe (via letteratura-litterature)

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Funny how people didn’t question the footage. All they did was find a black male doing what they deem to be typical of a black male and pin it on another. Foolish. Don’t play that game. You made a move that’ll win you a ticket straight to the cantos of hell.

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